Basic ALS Principles and Assumptions


  • Learning does not only take place within the four (4) walls of the classroom.
  • Teachers and schools are not the only sources of learning.
  • Learning is fun with the use of active learning strategies
  • Learning is not compartmentalized into subjects but is integrative and wholistic.
  • Learning is enhanced when the needs, interests and experiences of the learners are considered.
  • Learning acquired outside the school system is equivalent to learning acquired in the schools (recognition of prior learning)
  • Mother tongue is necessary to acquire basic literacy skills
  • Lifeskills are learning competencies and functional literacy is the outcome of a lifeskills-based education.
  • Lifeskills is best delivered through the use of the 4As of learning (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction and Application)
  • The goal of Basic Education is functional literacy. Therefore functional literacy is a right of all Filipinos regardless of age. (Inclusive Education)